Do you have an idea for a new service project or initiative that you’d like to spearhead? YHHAP is a coalition that centralizes and provides access, funding, and a volunteer base for smaller project-based groups that align with our mission. As such, we are always open to new ideas that you may have for possible projects. 

This page is meant to guide you along the thought processes we have used in the past when starting new projects. These questions are meant to be a starting point. That being said, if you already have an idea in mind, send our Co-Directors a brief summary at and titled ‘YHHAP Project Idea’! We can schedule a time to meet with you and move forward with your idea.

Our Process

  1. What is the issue you are trying to address?

    You have seen that there is a need in the community that you would like to help solve. What is it, and why does it matter?

  2. What kind of work is already being done to address the issue?

    This may require some research. Existing groups already do great work, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. All of the existing YHHAP projects partner with community organizations to carry out their work. Think about groups working in similar areas to you.

  3. What aspect of the issue can you/your group address? Where can you help the most or be the most effective?

    After doing your research, think about where your help will be the most valuable. What is missing from the framework that already exists in the issue you are trying to address? Where will you and your volunteers’ time be best spent? What are you qualified to do?

  4. What types of resources will you need to carry out your plan? People? Materials?

    So you know what you want to do, but how will you carry it out? Begin planning out basic logistical details. Who will you need to contact / who would it be helpful to contact? How large of a volunteer base will you need? What kinds of materials will you need to carry out your project? Do you need a means of transportation? 

Idea Repository

Here are some ideas for ‘issues’ that have come up as project ideas in passing but haven’t been implemented or planned out completely:

  • Youth empowerment in service 

  • Addressing mental health in the homeless community

Next steps

Now that you’ve thought some of these questions through, please let us know your thoughts! Shoot us an email at and titled ‘YHHAP Project Idea’ and we can meet with you to flesh out your ideas and the details!