Let’s get to work.

There are many ways to get involved in community service through YHHAP. We have volunteer opportunities for a wide variety of interests, skills, and commitment availability. Each engagement with YHHAP directly impacts men and women facing hunger or homelessness. Why not lend a hand? 


current students

The best way to become engaged in YHHAP and New Haven is to join a YHHAP Project. Projects range from food collection to case management, clothing distribution to tax preparation. Most do not require an application, and all are always excited to welcome new volunteers. See the projects page for ideas.

Looking for a one-time involvement? Some YHHAP projects  have regular one-time opportunities. (Serve a meal with YCK; write an Echo story; or go on an RRP run), but most single service needs arise week-to-week. To be informed about the latest service activity, sign up for the YHHAPPENINGS newsletter!


Hey future Yalies! When you arrive on campus, how about getting involved in one of Yale's most impactful organizations? Check out our projects; follow our advocacy; and learn about our passionate group. MissionProjects.

YHHAP will be at the extracurricular bazaar, Dwight Hall information sessions, and hosting our annual kick-off event, Pancakes with YHHAP. You can also reach out directly: call, email or come by our Dwight Hall office. We look forward to meeting you! 

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Dear YHHAP Alumni, thank you for your support and the time you contributed in supporting hunger and homelessness alleviation efforts through YHHAP. For many of you YHHAP was a meaning part of your time at Yale, so why not stay in touch? We are developing an alumni network to keep our friends, past and present, up to date. Continue your Yale service legacy. Please write here.

Past Board Members: please stay in touch! A short directory of the Board can be found here.