The YHHAP Board oversees all YHHAP projects, manages our advocacy operations, and fosters the YHHAP volunteer community. Individually, we have each been inspired and humbled by those we serve. Together, we are fiercely committed to improving our New Haven community. We are the Spring 2019 YHHAP Board, and we look forward to seeing you in action soon.


Annie cheng,


Annie is a junior from Florida double majoring in Ethnicity, Race and Migration and Political Science. She founded YHHAP’s Restaurant Rescue Project and, beyond YHHAP, Annie is highly involved in the Yale International Relations Association as a member of the competitive Model UN team, and she also serves as a conference director. She loves food, the earth, sustainability, and especially the intersections of all three. Find her at annie.cheng@yale.edu.


nishanth krishnan,


Nishanth is a sophomore from San Diego studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. He volunteers at No Closed Doors, the Yale Farm, and the ED at Yale New Haven Hospital. He's involved in immunobiology research at the Yale School of Medicine and writes for The Politic and Yale Global Health Review. He enjoys playing chess, listening to alt-rock, and fiddling with the piano in his free time. Reach out to him at nishanth.krishnan@yale.edu.


karen tai, treasurer

Karen is a sophomore from Houston, TX studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Karen is also a member of YHHAP advocacy. Outside of YHHAP, she volunteers for HAVEN free clinic and runs Yale Undergraduate Science Olympiad. In her spare time, you'll find her curled up in a coffee shop with a cappuccino in one hand and a memoir in the other. She loves conversations and can be reached at karen.tai@yale.edu.


carina gormley, advocacy chair

Carina is a junior in Morse who is enthusiastically pursuing a major in architecture, focusing on urban studies. Born in Houston and raised in Boston, she enjoys learning how to "be a local" everywhere she goes. She loves to chat about foreign language education, arts and crafts, social sciences, the psychology behind the built environment, and everything in between! She can be reached at carina.gormley@yale.edu.


renee tung, outreach chair

Renee is a sophomore in Stiles from Maryland studying neuroscience. She’s a project head for the Restaurant Rescue Project and is involved in neuro research, the Helix Group, and the Piano Collective. She enjoys picking up miscellaneous volunteer work, being that annoying person playing piano in the common room, collecting styrofoam brains, and playing cards. Feel free to contact her at renee.tung@yale.edu.


limei vera, community chair

LiMei is a first-year in Silliman. She comes from Cerritos, California and enjoys writing, singing, going to the beach, and engaging in impromptu debates with her suitemates. Outside of her responsibilities on YHHAP board, she is also a shift leader with No Closed Doors and conducts research for the Connecticut American Civil Liberties Union. You can contact her at limei.vera@yale.edu.


tomas carrillo, membership chair

Tomas is a sophomore in Morse double majoring in History (with a Latin America concentration) and Urban Studies. Born and raised in Lakeland, Florida he likes to remind anyone who will listen that he is from Lakeland, Florida. He volunteers with Big Sibs and the Restaurant Rescue Project, and in his free time he enjoys sports, reality TV, and frozen blueberries. Reach him at tomas.carillo@yale.edu.


ricardo aguilar, fundraising chair

Ricardo is a first-year in Pierson College from Pompano Beach, Florida. Ricardo hopes to major in Political Science or Global Affairs. He is the new Community Action Chair for MEChA and serves on the FCC as the council's Treasurer and representative. He enjoys eating at the butteries, playing soccer, and chilling outdoors. Reach him at ricardo.aguilar@yale.edu.


suzanne brown, communications chair

Suzanne is a first-year in Silliman hoping to major in Ethics, Politics & Economics. Passionate about solving the issue of poverty, she interns at New Reach as a Dwight Hall Urban Fellow, volunteers with No Closed Doors, lobbies with Yale Dems, and advocates for First-Generation, Low-Income students on campus. You can reach her at any New Haven coffee shop, or suzanne.brown@yale.edu.