Y2Y New Haven


our mission:

To open a student-run overnight program for young adults experiencing homelessness in New Haven.


Y2Y New Haven is a joint initiative of youth and staff from Youth Continuum, student leaders from across New Haven, and Y2Y Network to open a student-run overnight program for young adults (ages 18-24) in greater New Haven.

Y2Y New Haven is based on the youth-to-youth model employed by Y2Y Harvard Square, the nation’s first student-run youth homeless shelter which has served over 300 young people since it opened in Cambridge, MA in 2015. Young adults often experience homelessness because of abusive or neglectful families, rejection due to their sexual orientation and gender identity, or because they've aged out of the foster care system. Many youth feel unsafe staying in adult shelters, resorting instead to couch surfing, sleeping outside, or engaging in unsafe behavior in exchange for a place to sleep.

Y2Y's model focuses on introducing youth to a vibrant and welcoming environment with comprehensive pathways out of homelessness and opportunities for leadership development.


816 youth

(ages 18-24) in the greater new haven area are estimated to be experiencing homelessness, according to the connecticut coalition to end homelessness.

Yet only

12 emergency beds

exist in New Haven that are dedicated to youth (provided by Y2Y New Haven’s partner, Youth Continuum).


How to get involved:

Help plan the future for New Haven youth.


Y2Y New Haven is made up of six different workstream areas: Pilot Program, Program Model Development, Advocacy and Publicity, Fundraising and Finance, New Haven Organizing, and Design and Architecture. For details, please refer to the application link. Rolling applications will be considered based on the availability of space and capacity to support another team member.

Please email y2ynewhaven@gmail.com to be added to our monthly newsletter.

Our Steering Committee Members:

Advocacy & Publicity: Dyuthi Mathews Tharakan YC 2022, dyuthi.mathewstharakan@yale.edu and Vanessa Liu YC 2020, Vanessa.liu@yale.edu (until Spring 2019)

Organizational Structure: Becca Schapiro YC 2019/MPH 2020 Rebecca.schapiro@yale.edu

Finance and Fundraising: Sarah Jho YC 2020, Sarah.jho@Yale.edu

Pilot Program, Esther Ritchin YC 2020, Esther.ritchin@yale.edu

Program Model, Nicky Brussel-Faria YC 2021 Nicole.brusselfaria@yale.edu and Ariela Schear YC 2019, Ariela.schear@yale.edu (until Spring 2019)

Social Culture, Ivy Fan YC 2021, ivy.fan@yale.edu

Steering Committee Member, Shunella Lumas Yale MD 2020, Shunella.lumas@yale.edu

New Haven Organizing TBD

Design & Architecture TBD