Welcome to the keepSAFE Project!

WHAT: keepSAFE provides homeless people with free locker storage in downtown New Haven.

WHY: After surveying shelter residents, we realized there was a serious need for a secure place for people to store their belonging. This project is here to provide this service.

WHEN: We are currently open on Saturdays 9am-3pm. 3 week check-ins are mandatory for renewal.

WHERE: 27 High Street, minutes away from the New Haven Green.

WHO: Homeless people or those in transitional housing. Please see Client Page for further information on registration requirements.

For Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering with keepSAFE —

weekly, on Saturdays – FILL OUT THIS FORM

during academic break times – FILL OUT THIS FORM

For Clients

We store people’s clothing/small items/documents in these bins that are then secured with zip-ties and stored in a large wooden crate locked by a key.

The facility is only open on Saturdays 9am-3pm for now, and that is the only time people can retrieve their things. We are open to adding shifts based on client demand and volunteer availability.

Clients must have photo ID to register. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis if there are 2-3 other official forms of identification (bills, cards, certificates) and written confirmation of the person’s identity and information on shelter/program letterhead by a staff member (preferably a case manager). Our reason for this is not to exclude individuals with no ID, but rather to maintain our clients’ security by making sure that only the client (and no impersonator) has access to their belongings.

3 week check-ins are mandatory and renewable. Check-ins may be done by leaving a message (with security answer, name and client ID # established on the first visit) on the keepSAFE answering machine, OR by checking in at the facility in person. We will contact clients by the 2nd week by phone to remind them about checking in; if they pick up and confirm, that can count as a renewal.

For more information, please see our website.

Contact Us

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Email: Andrew Thavychith, Hannah Hauptman


Call: (203) 936-9687

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