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Past Articles about YHHAP

  • April, 2017: "Service at Yale" (YDN, link here): "The wide scope of service opportunities on campus indicate Yalies are invested in service. Abigail Cipparone ’19, the outreach coordinator for Dwight Hall comments on what makes students more likely to choose a particular service opportunity:

    "They want to have a personal relationship, an inspiring experience when they are doing service.” She continued to explain how students look for an emotional connection when they are volunteering in New Haven.

    Her perspective is supported by testimonies by undergraduates who engage in service. Kaija Gahm ’20 volunteers at a Restaurant Rescue Project where she picks up extra food from Claire’s and brings it over to a halfway house on Howe Street. This initiative is a part of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project, one of Dwight Hall’s largest member groups that serves as center for homelessness service work at Yale. She personally finds this project an ideal match, because she used to be bothered by how much food restaurants waste. Plus, being able to see the fruit of her labor is a big motivation to keep continue her efforts.“I’ve been enjoying it because it feels like I’m making a tangible difference in someone’s day, and also because this organization seems to fit a real need,” Gahm says."


  • April, 2017: "Fasting for New Haven" (YDN, link here): "New Haven makes up about 4 percent of Connecticut’s total population, but has 16 percent of Connecticut’s homeless people. And the disproportionate number of homeless people in New Haven is not improving; between 2015 and 2016, the homeless population in our city increased by 10 percent. Last semester, the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project raised over $10,000 for homelessness relief in New Haven during the YHHAP Fast...The Fast is one of many simple YHHAP projects that turn wasted and excess Yale resources into valuable contributions to the New Haven community. The Fast is a gentle, semi-annual reminder to the student body that New Haven is out there and that a little help can go a long way."


  • February, 2017: "Tax assistance program helps low-income families" (YDN, link here): "Mayor Toni Harp held a press conference last Tuesday to remind residents of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, an annual service that helps low-income families complete tax forms accurately and on-time, free of charge…the program is a partnership between the federal Internal Revenue Service and the Connecticut Association for Human Services, a nonprofit organization based in Hartford. There are 20 sites in Connecticut, 15 of which are located in New Haven…“The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and the Earned Income Tax Credit help people move out of poverty,” Horan said...Families can make appointments or walk into most of the sites, each of which has different hours to accommodate families without flexible work hours. Most of the sites are located in schools and churches and other neighborhood centers. The largest site in Connecticut is at the New Haven Free Public Library, a location administered by Yale students affiliated with the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project."


  • April, 2015: "Defending the fast" (YDN, link here): "We are all currently residents of New Haven. The people who will benefit from the fast are literally our neighbors. Rapid re-housing projects are specifically designed to make recovery possible for those going through periods of homelessness. These programs help our city become stronger and more stable. While it is easy to forget the needs in our own backyard, we should not be fooled into thinking that Kiko Milano and eight-dollar sandwiches are representative of the New Haven experience...While Yale’s global-mindedness brings an important perspective to campus, it shouldn’t blind us to our immediate surroundings."


  • April, 2014: "YHHAP, a fundraiser and teaching tool" (YDN, link here): "On Friday, YHHAP held its second fast of the year to raise money to fight hunger in New Haven. This semester’s events also focused on educating Yale students about homelessness...On Friday, YHHAP instigated conversations about homelessness in the residential colleges. YHHAP assigned board members to work with the masters of each college to organize master’s teas and study breaks featuring people involved with homelessness prevention projects...The move to provide more information came largely from within the organization, although several students had also expressed interest in a more educational component to the fast, said Shea Jennings ’16, co-director of YHHAP."


  • October, 2011: "Students 'sleep out' for homeless" (YDN, link here): "Yale students raised around $600 for the homeless in New Haven by huddling together in tents and sleeping bags on Old Campus Friday night. Roughly 70 students gathered on Old Campus for a “sleepout,” partaking in music and other activities before migrating to their tents for the night. The event was part of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project’s “Shelter Now” fundraising campaign — an effort that began in 2008 and has continued every year since to bolster funding and awareness for New Haven’s winter homeless shelters."


  • April, 2006: "Rev. William Sloane Coffin Dies at 81; Fought for Civil Rights and Against a War" (NYT, link here): On Coffin, former chaplain at Yale, whose meetings in 1974 with  a group of students concerned about a series of hunger crises led to the creation of YHHAP: "The athletic and voluble Dr. Coffin became a familiar figure on Yale's campus, riding his motor scooter, joking with students and challenging them to stand up for what they thought...He remained chaplain of Yale until 1976, when he stepped down to work with world hunger programs and write his memoir."