Running YHHAP

The YHHAP Board oversees all YHHAP projects, manages our advocacy operations, and fosters the YHHAP volunteer community. Individually, we have each been inspired and humbled by those we serve. Together, we are fiercely committed to improving our New Haven community. We are the Spring 2019 YHHAP Board, and we look forward to seeing you in action soon.


Annie Cheng,


The YHHAP Directors lead YHHAP, setting the organizational goals, establishing the executive vision, and making all major YHHAP decisions. The YHHAP Directors manage the Board and engage in all aspects of YHHAP. 




The Directors perform the same functional duties at YHHAP. In addition to their leadership responsibilities, both directors continue as on-the-ground volunteers in various YHHAP projects. Bio.


Jackson Willis, Chair of the board

The Chair of the Board presides over YHHAP Board meetings, oversees YHHAP elections, and keeps all YHHAP records. The Board Chair advises board members and connects with previous boards. This emeritus position is traditionally held by the out-going YHHAP executive director. Bio.

23632701_10157478124543973_7014097866633132854_o - Everest Fang.jpg

everest fang, Project chair

The Project Chair serves as a liaison between the YHHAP Board and Project Heads of constituent YHHAP Projects. As the points of contact, they support active projects, trouble-shoot obstacles, and engage in developing new YHHAP Projects. Bio.


karen tai, treasurer

The Treasurer conducts all financial activities on behalf of YHHAP, including supervising the annual budget, administering transactions, and managing the YHHAP endowment. All inquiries about finance, funding, and reimbursement for project expenses may be directed to the Treasurer. Bio.


limei vera, Community chair

The Community Chair facilitates our YHHAP volunteer community and strengthens the bonds between YHHAP projects. (Fun is generously used to accomplish these goals.) The Community Chair also explores partnership opportunities in the Elm City and keeps in contact with our New Haven friends. Bio.

tomas carrillo, Membership chair

The Membership Chair helps direct our members toward volunteer opportunities, ensuring our projects run at maximum efficiency and community needs are swiftly met. The Membership Chair welcomes all new members, and anyone interested in volunteering with YHHAP is encouraged to drop the Chair a line. Bio.

ricardo aguilar, fundraising chair

The Fundraising Chair spearheads YHHAP's vital fundraising efforts, which support our projects and financially back local initiatives. The Fundraising Chair builds sponsor relationships and oversees development. YHHAP's largest annual fundraisers are the YHHAP FAST and YHHAP Professor Meals. Bio.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.15.08 AM.png

Carina Gormley, advocacy chair

The Advocacy Chair advances advocacy and policy opportunities around New Haven as well as promotes education and outreach on Yale's campus. The Chair identifies key initiatives to support around the Elm City. Historically, the Chair also serves on the mayor's Homeless Advisory Commission. Bio.


Renee Tung, Outreach chair

The Outreach Chair is engaged in variety of efforts to broaden the community network of YHHAP. The Chair coordinates with local nonprofits for events such as Fall Fest, organizes fundraisers and donation drives to raise awareness, and works on other projects or events which serve to educate those on Yale's campus and a broader public audience. Bio.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 6.48.54 PM.png

Suzanne brown, Communications Chair

The Communications Chair connects YHHAP to the Yale, New Haven, and larger volunteer communities The Communications Chair conducts correspondence, maintains YHHAP's social media presence, and puts together the weekly "YHHAPpenings" newsletter. Bio.

Project Heads

All YHHAP projects are lead by Project Heads, which are associates of the YHHAP Board. Their contact information can be located with their respective projects, found under 'Our Work'.