Notes from Spring 2018

To find more pictures-- go back through YHHAPpenings, really there will be a fair number of them. (Take the week of 3/5/2018, for example, with a fun picture of a VITA study break and restaurant rescue project.) Also, for pictures you could always go to the publications (Herald, YDN, etc. and see the YHHAP articles).

Notes on Remaining Material:

Remaining External Work:

Dalton is working on the page "Basics" (and will help setup Stripe back on campus). 

Emily is working on the Press Buzz and Fast Buzz.

Simon will check the Panlist Sign-up (under Do It How), once we are back on campus... so not yet.

Sarah and Bishoy will make the VITA Client and VITA Volunteer pages pop. (Temporary information can be placed, however.)

Track down the remaining bios... so close.

Photos, photos again, always photos!

WIKIPEDIA PAGE-- KEY (and sooner rather than later)

For Communications or similar (later), update Dwight Hall page about YHHAP.

Remaining internal (Jackson) Work:

Libib Account Information

A "current volunteer" button might be mandated for the VITA page... we'll see.

Is the Calendar visible to all viewers?

Other partnerships: A Leg Even (?), the Policy Lab, etc.

Promotional Pop-up for the start of the school year (+Canva posters and handouts from fundraising, etc.)

Write alumni (co-coordinator alumni): ask for pictures, show the website, sign-up for alumni newsletter --then have those people spread out the newsletter sign-up to everyone they knew who was in YHHAP, and... magic. we have an alumni network.

If we circle back (there is also an updated version): Organizational Graphic.

For our supporter page: the YHHAP FAST sponsors in 2015 were Ashley's, Pacifico, Sushi on Chapel, Claire's, Est, Caseus, Tomatillo, Froyo World. Maybe add Panera? How will we get our advisory board together, again? Is it still active? Use?

“YHHAP, a fundraiser and teaching tool.” April 14, 2014. Yale Daily News.

“Converting unused meal swipes can help homeless.” March 2, 2014. The Columbia Spectator.

“College students employ new strategies to fight hunger and homelessness.” April 25, 2012. SNAP to Health!

“New publication gives voice to New Haven homeless.” April 9, 2011. New Haven Register.

“Elis pitch in for Abraham’s Tent.” February 28, 2011. Yale Daily News.

“Offering hope to the homeless.” January 31, 2011. The Daily Pennsylvanian.

So many new articles: 2 in the Herald spring 2018 (Carol and Point-in-Time) and Asha Prihar in Spring 2018 with the YDN (Abe's Tent and Y2Y as YHHAP spin-off.)

Just in case it comes back:

The YHHAP Book Exchange currently operates out of Swing Space, room 042. To reach the exchange, take the elevator to the bottom floor, exit the elevator and follow the hallway to your left, taking a right at the end to room 042. Swing Space is located at 100 Tower Parkway.