Project Opportunities

YHHAP is always open to new project ideas. Over our history, our projects have adapted to the changing needs of the hungry and homeless in New Haven and will continue to do so. If you become aware of an unmet and appropriate need in the New Haven community, please reach out. Connecticut recently reached "functional zero" for veteran homelessness. Now, YHHAP is especially interested in starting projects to help reach the same mark for women and children.

The Future: Y2Y Youth Shelter at yale

In the Spring of 2017, YHHAP partnered with Y2Y Harvard Square, the nation's first student-run homeless shelter for young adults. This Y2Y-YHHAP partnership now plans to build the second such youth shelter here in New Haven to help end youth homelessness. There are over 400 homeless youth in New Haven (according to the CCEH), and this multi-year, transformative undertaking is expected to radically improve the housing and resources available to homeless youth.

See Y2Y Harvard Square's website here, or see photos here. Y2Y at Yale website content is coming soon. Contact for additional details or to join the team.

Other Projects under Work

Y2Y is not our only project under construction or repair. Others include keepSAFE, BRED (bringing relief every day), and the YHHAP Conference. A lack of dependable and affordable storage space can be a steep obstacle for the homeless; the project keepSAFE is a student-run storage facility for the belongings of the homeless community. BRED brings leftover bread and pastry products from Yale dining halls to local halfway houses, cutting down on food waste and expanding food access. The YHHAP Conference, typically held annually (or sometimes biannually), invites speakers to educate the public on the pressing issues of being without a home. We look forward to announcing more details about these projects in the upcoming months.