Project Opportunities

YHHAP is always open to new project ideas. Over our history, our projects have adapted to the changing needs of the hungry and homeless in New Haven and will continue to do so. If you become aware of an unmet and appropriate need in the New Haven community, please reach out. Connecticut recently reached "functional zero" for veteran homelessness. Now, YHHAP is especially interested in starting projects to help reach the same mark for women and children.

The Future: Y2Y Youth Shelter at yale

Y2Y New Haven is a project to create a student-run shelter for young adults experiencing homelessness. The project was born out of a partnership in spring 2017 between YHHAP and Y2Y Harvard Square, the nation’s first shelter of this kind. Y2Y New Haven has also partnered with Youth Continuum, one of Connecticut’s leading resource providers for youth in need. The Greater New Haven area has an acute need for this kind of shelter—769 youth experiencing homelessness were identified in the most recent youth count (CCEH, 2017). Together, Y2Y New Haven, Y2Y Harvard Square, and Youth Continuum are working to establish a shelter in New Haven to meet the needs of these young adults experiencing homelessness and housing instability. This undertaking, beyond providing a physical shelter, also seeks to improve resources and pathways provided to young adults to combat chronic homelessness.

For more information, see Y2Y Harvard Square’s website here, or photos here. Y2Y New Haven website is coming soon. For additional information or to join the team, contact