YHHAP Big Sibs is our first program designed specifically to reach children experiencing homelessness

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In August of 2017, New Reach, a supportive housing and counseling organization for individuals experiencing homelessness, was faced with some difficult decisions. With federal funding being shifted away from shelters, New Reach could no longer keep open its Careways Shelter for women and children. With state funding too remaining flat, more cuts would need to be made. This sadly included a children's program for the kids at the LifeHaven shelter, meaning that the children lost access to the facilities, homework help, and activities they had grown accustomed to enjoying after school. Children experiencing homelessness are statistically more likely to drop out of school and have lower standardized test scores than the peers. Determined to help close this educational achievement gap, YHHAP Big Sibs was created in the Fall of 2017. Through this weekly program, YHHAP volunteers visit LifeHaven shelter to offer homework help and, more importantly, to provide an environment where kids can be kids again.

Volunteer information (big sibs)

YHHAP Big Sibs has partnered with Life Haven, a branch of New Reach.

YHHAP Big Sibs has partnered with Life Haven, a branch of New Reach.

Big Sibs are expected to commit to at least one shift a week. This is a 1.5-2 hour time commitment (including driving to and from the shelter). On a typical shift, Big Sibs can expect to assist Little Sibs with homework, play games with their Little Sibs, work on Arts and Crafts projects, and more! The schedule for the upcoming semester will be up shortly. Please contact our Big Sibs Project Heads with any questions (see below).

Project Heads:

For more information on YHHAP Big Sibs, or to sign up as a Big Sib, contact:

Charlie Urban-Mead at charles.urban-mead@yale.edu

Manny Brewer at manuel.brewer@yale.edu

Shannon Phuah at shannon.phuah@yale.edu