Working to feed the hungry is central to YHHAP's mission. Here are our three projects to help:

It’s where you’ll find humility, understanding, and love.
— Rob Larose, former Yale Community Kitchen Coordinator, on his 500+ hours spent at DESK

I.) Yale Community Kitchen

One of YHHAP's most popular projects, the Yale Community Kitchen operates every Friday and Saturday night at the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen's (DESK) satellite location. Over the course of each semester, hundreds of students volunteer to carry leftover food from Yale Dining Halls to DESK and serve dinner. 

Yale community kitchen begins

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In 1987, the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen began serving evening meals three nights a week. As demand for these important services grew, DESK extended its operations to five nights a week and provided a Food Pantry twice a month.

However, many homeless residents of New Haven relied on these meals and the need for dinner meals seven days a week became impossible to ignore. Responding to the call, YHHAP created its second food-rescue program, Yale Community Kitchen (formerly known as Hunger Heroes), in 2005. Initially, Yale Community Kitchen volunteers served and staffed dinner service on Friday nights. As the program grew and more and more volunteers joined, YCK was able to add Saturday evening meals as well in 2010.

DESK now serves evening meals seven days a week to hungry citizens of New Haven.  We have served over a hundred thousand meals!

the Yale community kitchen team

Anyone can sign up on a weekly basis to be a YCK volunteer! Students may sign up individually, or as part of a larger group. To be added to the email panlist and receive the weekly sign-up information, email the project heads today.

Project Heads-- Katie Sabin at (Bio.) and Maurice Ware at (Bio.)

CONTACT Yale community Kitchen


323 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06511


Friday: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Saturday: 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM



II.) Kitchen to Kitchen (K2k)

Whereas the Yale Community Kitchen operates on Friday and Saturday nights, K2K plays a key role in DESK's services the rest of the week. K2K volunteers deliver leftover food from Yale Dining Halls to DESK every afternoon from Monday to Thursday. 

As registered Dwight Hall drivers, our K2K volunteers sign up for shifts between 2-4 p.m. one day of the week and deliver anywhere from two to ten trays of leftover food to the soup kitchen daily. To join our team, email the project heads with your K2K enthusiasm!

The location is approximately the same as Yale Community Kitchen.

Project Heads-- Michelle Santos at (Bio.) and Erin Choi at (Bio.)

III.) Restaurant Rescue

The Restaurant Rescue Project (RRP) aims to reduce food waste in New Haven restaurants. By partnering with receivers such as halfway houses and soup kitchens, RRP saves foods that would otherwise be thrown away at the end of each working day. RRP shift-runners transfer food from restaurants on a daily basis, saving on average 100 pounds every week.

about the rescue

In 2016, YHHAP's oldest food rescue program, BRED (Bringing Relief Every Day) was forced to shut down. BRED had previously supplied leftover bread and pastries from Yale Dining Halls to the Roger Sherman Halfway House. Unfortunately, due to a new food production process, Yale Dining informed YHHAP they would no longer be able to provide the leftovers.

With this 30 minute/week commitment, Yale students can make a real impact in the community in a tangible way. 

— Annie Cheng, Founder of Restaurant Rescue Project

Then-freshman Annie Cheng saw a way to alleviate the loss of food donations from BRED by rescuing food from local restaurants. An employee of Chipotle, Annie witnessed first-hand the food waste that is often a byproduct of commercial food preparation in the restaurant industry.

Annie began by asking her employers at Chipotle if it would be possible to donate the leftover rice and beans that were usually thrown out at the end of the day. She quickly mobilized a team of interested students who worked together to find new community partners. Within weeks, Restaurant Rescue Project was born. Since then, the RRP team has grown to over 40 students and expanded its partnerships to multiple other New Haven restaurants. More are on the way!


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Project Heads- Renee Tung at (Bio.) and Amy Zhang at (Bio.)