Direct and Measurable Impact

Engaging in direct service, we continually work to maximize our positive community impact. With each of our projects, we ensure our service and your support go where the help is needed most.

Grassroots, compassionate service

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve those facing hunger and homelessness. As an organization, we believe in the value of personal interaction and aspire to compassionate service.

Student-run, community-focused

As a student group, we are an active community of volunteers. Through partnerships and our nearly fifty-year history, YHHAP has maintained a long legacy of service in New Haven.

Methods of Donation

Along with the donate button on the right, we also accept checks made out the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project, and Venmo with the handle @YHHAP. If you would like your donation to go towards any specific project, please note. 



Impact, Service, and Student-Run: Please give, so we can.