Cover Pages (overview)

Our model is simple. YHHAP Book Exchange collects textbooks, novels, and course materials from students at the end of each semester. We then operate a small, convenient bookstore that sells donated books at heavily discounted prices at the start of the next semester. All proceeds from the exchange are donated to support local homeless shelters in New Haven.

In the initial round of operation, 500 students donated $8,000 worth of textbooks, and immediate sales generated $1,500 for Liberty Community Services and the Columbus House. Since that initial success in 2010, the Book Exchange has only grown its in-stock collection, presence on campus, and annual impact.  

Yale University was founded with books donated for “the founding of a college here in this colony,” and YHHAP Book Exchange continues this charitable tradition. We also continue Yale’s care for our larger community by providing shelter for New Haven’s homeless.

No two persons ever read the same book.
— Edmund Wilson

Chapter and Verse (the details)

Please help us shelter the homeless: clear your clutter and donate used books to YHHAP Book Exchange! From the last day of classes to the last day of finals, YHHAP-marked bins are placed in each residential college.  Pencil your name on the inside cover, and you will receive a discount up to 25% when purchasing books from us next semester. We also accept course packets. If you or your residential college have a book donation at any time in the semester, however, contact us and our team will quickly collect.

The exchange is open for purchases at the start of each semester, generally from term registration (right before the first day of class) through the end of Yale’s Shopping Period. Semester-specific dates and hours are posted in the next section. All items are sold at one half the Amazon listed price, and students can check our catalog for book availability. Yale students collectively save an average of $1,800 each semester at our Book Exchange bookstore. Help us help you, and others.

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend.
Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.
— Groucho Marx

Indices (Logistics)

Location: Due to the Baker Hall (formerly known as "Swing Space") Renovation, the Book Exchange room is temporarily unavailable. A new location for this year's exchange will be announced soon.

Fall 2017 Hours: To be determined during Camp Yale (Check our website.)

Spring 2017 Hours: To be determined in early December (Check our website.)

Catalog {Coming soon}: The YHHAP Book Exchange maintains a regularly updated catalog through the library service Libib. Click here for the link. The name of the catalog is “BLANK,” and no log-in is required.

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.
— Lemony Snicket

Bindings (The Team)

Almost 100 students volunteered to collect, catalogue, and sell books the first year of the YHHAP Book Exchange. Today, we operate with a close-knit team of YHHAP volunteers and bibliophiles. (An application and interview process is held the start of fall or spring semester for those interested in joining the team.) Two co-coordinators head and manage the Book Exchange. BX, our short handle, also elects a Social Chair to keep us a well-oiled machine of merriment and conviviality in the off-months. Make a Better New Haven: contact us and join the BX party. 

Project Heads-- Kelsang Dolma at (Bio.) and Brian Matusovsky at (Bio.)