A Strong Start to a Too-Short Fall Semester

Hey YHHAP-ers!

With October Break approaching in a few days comes the realization that fall semester is nearly halfway over. If you were to ask me to measure time elapsed through papers, problem sets, and late nights in the library I would not be able to give you an answer that seems to represent half a semester's worth of time. 

YHHAP, on the other hand, has packed a lot of activity and effort into these past seven weeks. We have partnered with Dwight Hall and RALY to host events ranging from clothing drives to pancake info sessions to menstrual hygiene collection to speaker/movie nights. We have begun the process of creating a new project, YHHAP Big Sibs, and have proudly expanded the reach and partnerships of current projects, like Restaurant Rescue. We have many upcoming events for when we return from break, so do make sure you're following our Facebook page and are subscribed to our weekly YHHAPPENINGS newsletter!

Something I also appreciate about having break on the horizon is the chance to step back from a life centered around academic stress and extracurricular engagements, and take a few moments to remind myself why I'm involved with YHHAP in the first place. This past Friday I volunteered at Hunger Heroes, serving food to those experiencing hunger and/or homelessness in New Haven. Volunteering with Hunger Heroes was how I first got involved with YHHAP about a year ago, and being back in that environment reminded me just how much it matters that we continue doing all the work that we have been doing thus far. These are real people whose lives bear the consequences of our action or inaction. They are not just numbers on a page, or words in a newsletter email. This is something that, upsettingly, I sometimes allow myself to forget in the frenzy of academic deadlines and personal obligations.

With that in mind, I challenge you to do more. Set aside an hour or two this break or after, and attend one of our events. Volunteer for a shift with one of our projects. Remember why you're doing this in the first place. And at the same time, thank you for everything you do. Without you there would be no YHHAP.

Have an amazing break. We look forward to working together when we return for the second half of a too-short fall semester. 

-Emily Locke, YHHAP Communications Chair