Penny Wars for YHHAP Big Sibs!

NEW PROJECT ALERT! YHHAP is launching YHHAP Big Sibs, a project in which we will be partnering with a New Haven homeless shelter and setting up after-school programming for the children of the shelter. As of a few years ago, the New Haven homeless population was roughly 560 people, 1 in 5 of those being children. According to, after school programs provide key benefits to homeless children, including boosting their academic performance, reducing the likelihood of substance abuse and criminal behavior, and encouraging physical behavior and good dietary habits. There will be an information session about the program this coming Monday (10/9) at 7pm in LC 211. All are welcome!

YHHAP is also hosting a fundraiser throughout the following week (10/9-10/13) called Penny Wars that will allow you to do your part while also engaging in some friendly competition against other colleges! There will be donation boxes in the dining halls of participating colleges (Pauli Murray, Franklin, Morse, Berkeley, Saybrook, Davenport, JE) in which you can place a donation that will either earn points for your college or count as points against an opposing college!


-Silver and dollars are positive points for your college, so put those in your own dining hall's box

-Pennies are negative points, so dump any spare pennies you have in the donation boxes found in opposing college dining halls

-If your college is not participating, feel free to donate via the donation boxes in other dining halls! 

-Positive donations of $5 or more can be venmoed to @yhhap (subject should be the name of the college you are donating on behalf of)

All proceeds raised will go to purchasing clothes for the New Haven homeless. So prepare your spare change and get involved!

-Isabel Gonzalez, YHHAP Fundraising Chair