Book Exchange

The YHHAP Book Exchange is a fundraiser designed to reduce textbook costs for Yalies, raise money for charity, and make Yale a greener, more sustainable campus.

Every year at Yale, thousands of coursebooks get thrown out or left unwanted on bookshelves and in storage boxes. The YHHAP Book Exchange hopes to change that, so more of these textbooks and course packets can be reused by other Yalies.

We collect unwanted textbooks and course packets and offer them back to Yale students at reduced prices—we currently offer books at 50% of their cost at the Yale Bookstore. Yalies save money on textbooks, and all the money we raise help shelter women and children in New Haven.


Swing Space Basement (sales)



Books collected during reading period; sales during shopping period each semester.


Please contact Kevin Xu and Tiyhannah Shuntich for more information.